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Everybody loves to receive gifts but some people are not fortunate enough to receive any. In third world countries children never receive any gifts because they have no one to give them gifts. That is why Dabbagh Welfare Trust has introduced a git pack programme. This will include some urgent essential for living such as clothing. We spend hundreds of pounds on gifts for our friends and families when they are not in need of it so why don’t we spend that money on children who are in need of it. By donating to Dabbagh Welfare Trust you will help brighten up a child’s day.

It was Eid day, the day of celebration and a day of rejoicing. There was an air of festivity in the streets of Madinah. All the people, both young and old were dressed in their best clothes, especially for this special day of Eid. As it was time for early morning Eid prayers everyone made their way to an open piece of land on the outskirts of the city. The Prophet Muhammad, upon him be peace, arrived and led the prayers. After they had finished they all greeted each other and everyone was walking back home. The children running and playing in excitement, smiling and laughing, without a care in the world.

As the Prophet walked back home, he suddenly became aware of a little boy (Zuhair Bin Saghir) sitting by himself on the side of the path. The little boy was crying and looked very sad. The Prophet of love and mercy bent down and patted him on the shoulders and asked ‘why are you crying?’ ‘Please leave me alone’ sobbed the little boy. The boy didn’t even see who was talking to him, such was his overwhelming sadness.The loving Prophet ran his fingers through the boy’s hair and very gently and kindly asked him again why he was crying. This time the boy said, ‘My father was martyred fighting, and now my mother has married again and my stepfather does not want me to live at home any more. Today is Eid and everyone is happy. All the children have new clothes and nice things to eat, but I don’t have any clothes except what I am wearing. I have no food and I don’t even have a place to live.’

The Prophet said to him, ‘I know how you feel, I lost both my mother and father when I was a little boy.’ The boy was surprised to hear that it was an orphan who was comforting him, and when he looked up to his great surprise it was the Prophet Muhammad, the most beloved person in the whole world – and he immediately jumped up to his feet out of love and respect.

The Prophet said to him ‘If I were to become your new father and Ayesha you new mother, and Fatima your new sister, would that make you feel better?’ ‘Oh yes, that would be the best thing in the world!’ The boy started smiling. The Prophet took him home and gave him new clothes and good food on this beautiful day of Eid. The boy indeed had a wonderful Eid that day

Why don’t we follow the sunnah of the prophet by gifting an orphan new clothes?

Dabbagh Welfare Trust

  • Who we are

    Dabbagh Welfare Trust is a charity based in Manchester UK and is set up by a group of volunteers to help the neediest people around the world.

  • Our vision, mission and values

    Dabbagh Welfare Trust is trying to help those orphans in their countries with your kind help. Therefore, our appeal to any person who wishes to extend their help to those orphans in Bangladesh and Pakistan. Please extend your kind donations to Dabbagh Welfare Trust to help those orphans to provide them shelter, food, clothing, education and health.

  • Our philosophy

    Dabbaagh Welfare Trust is a charity wing of Tareeqah Muhammadiyah, which aims to help the world’s poorest people with their sufferings, by distributing collectively; Sadka, Zakat and Lillah in a prophetic way.

  • Press releases

    Press Releases coming soon.

Ways to donate

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    If you would like to give your donation in person then simply call into any HSBC Bank and pay into the following account:

    Bank: HSBC

    Account number: 31552678

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“Mu’adh ibn Jabal narrated that, The Messenger of Allah (sallalahu alaiyhi wasalam) said: Charity obliterates sins just as water extinguishes fire.”


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